Concordia University Stingers

Concordia Academic Athletes of the Year

Year Female Athlete Sport Male athlete sport
2013-14 Elizabeth McDonald Soccer Roberto Zapata Baseball
2012-13 Kimberly Dextras-romagnino Soccer Marc-AndrÉ Lewis Football
2011-12 Jaymee Shell Hockey Marc-AndrÉ Lewis Football
2010-11 Taylor Baruchel Rugby Michael Noonan Wrestling
2009-10 Fanny Berthiaume Soccer Percival Graham Rugby
2008-09 Fanny Berthiaume Soccer Percival Graham Rugby
2007-08 Fanny Berthiaume Soccer Tyler Marghetis Wrestling
2006-07 Andrea Dolan Hockey Andrew Lavers Skiing
2005-06 Andrea Dolan Hockey Tyler Marghetis Wrestling
2004-05 Andrea Dolan Hockey Tyler Marghetis/Mike Wong Wrestling/Skiing
2003-04 Kathleen Grzybowski Soccer Tyler Marghetis Wrestling
2002-03 Lauren Houghton Hockey Mehdi Mourali Soccer
2001-02 Kathleen Grzybowski Soccer Frank Pons/Mehdi Mourali Soccer
2000-01 Tamara Medwidsky Wrestling Frank Pons Soccer
1999-00 Sabrina Silla Soccer Vince Labossiere Hockey
1998-99 Catherine Bertrand Hockey Vince Labossiere Hockey
1997-98 Wanita Jones Basketball Patrick Groleau Hockey
1996-97 Cindy Goldsmidtz Soccer Vince Labossiere Hockey
1995-96 Sylvie Bsilis Jason Della Rocca Wrestling
1994-95 Tanya Van Blokand Soccer Jason Della Rocca Wrestling
1992-93 Ivanka Cankovic Rugby Aleck Skeie
1991-92 Josée Lacasse Rugby Nicolas Colombant Soccer
1990-91 Patty Arnold Hockey Steven Siciliano Hockey
1989-90 Rosanne Gamache Skiing James Meddings
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